About us

Our story 

Born and raised in Sudbury, ON, Annie was raised in a vegetarian household, Danielle was in a meat and potatoes home. Fast forward to 7th grade: Annie and Danielle met and immediately became best of friends playing ball. Danielle quickly grew fond of Annie’s family cooking and love of animals. So naturally, Danielle became vegetarian in high school. As our friendship grew, we both knew we were meant to leave Sudbury behind. After high school we both moved and became roommates in Ottawa, ON to continue our studies. We loved the new experiences, however, 2 years later Danielle moved to Montreal and Annie stayed in Ottawa. After 3 years in Montreal, Danielle followed her gut and it led her back to her home town. 3 years after that, Annie had that same feeling and also made her way back home. Alas, together again, our love for animals continued to grow and as we dug deeper, we saw the animal suffering behind all animal products. Only a few months apart, we both began our Vegan journeys. Quickly, we saw how unavailable delicious plant-based options were, especially trying to feed our omni partners.
So, the question became: Why can’t we host a selection of Northern taste bud approved animal alternative food? We began ordering food from North America in order to find crave satisfying alternatives. We have tasted every single one of the products featured in our store and hope our customers love them as much as we do! 

The dream team 

Annie is a CPA, CA and has past experience working in a public accounting firm and as a controller but she is not your typical accountant! She’s been known to be the life of the party, always smiling and laughing! Danielle has a vast background of work experience and has had involvement with business startup and running small businesses. Everything she does must come from passion or else it is of no interest. Both love animals and strive for a cleaner and cruelty free future. Spending time together is effortless and whether it be picking up garbage with a drink in their hand or volunteering at S.A.I.N.T.S on a weeknight, they are most content when helping together.